Hello my dear guest!

Welcome to my Web site!

My name is Shuleu Illia. I am living and working in Minsk (the capital of the republic of Belarus). If you want to come to Belarus and you need a qualified service of a professional masseur – I am here for you. I offer different varieties of massage in Belarus – sanative, general, anticellulitic and the most important thing – the one you need!

I have been working as a masseur since 2003. My therapeutic technique is a classical Russian school of massage. Admittedly it is considered one of the best schools according to the sanative effects applied on a human body. It is well-known that massage is not only the mechanical manipulation with soft tissues and muscles. Massage in the first place is a session of energetic interaction between a patient and a therapist. A correct massage session is a process where by means of hands of a masseur improves the energetic balance of the patient and his thin psychological structures.

It is also apt to mention the anticellulitic massage and massage for losing weight. You have a wonderful possibility to take a massage course which will permit you to obtain a thinner and better shaped body. A well done massage boosts the activity of all metabolic processes in the body, optimizes the functioning of the nervous system and improves sleep. Thanks to massage healing effects you will feel a couple of years younger.

You may come where I am (a detailed map is avaiable upon an e-mail request), also you may have a massage session at your place.

It is very simple to order massage with me. Call me at my cell phone – cell phone operator Velcom +375 29 1182814 (if your cell phone operator is the same, dial only the last 7 numbers) and cell phone operator Life +375 25 9319178 and we will decide on the date, time and place of you massage session. It’s very nice if you speak Russian. If you speak only English, I ask you please to speak slowly: my English isn’t yet that good as my massage:) If I don’t answer, probably I am busy at the moment. You may call from 9 a.m. till 9 p.m. My e-mail is available for your letters and requests 24-hours.

And the most important thing – you pay for massage only, good mood and well-being is totally free of charge!

Best regards,

Shuleu Illia

P.S. Erotic and sexual services I don’t grant. The search and rendering of such kind of services can be persecuted and may be the violation of the existing legislation.

P.P.S Massage may have some contraindications.